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WYDAH😮 SN🤔W: MARCH 22nd, 2018: EVERLASTING GLOPSTOPPERS: Yesterday I got so fed up with an article I’m currently working on that I didn’t know whether to go full Rambo on Wyoming opioid manufacturers or just give up entirely and perhaps find out what the allure of these horrible, dangerous, legal drugs are anyway… but just like Lebowski falls back on bowling, I went skiing in GTNP instead.

FYI, the frustrating article is about Wyoming state government devoting $65k to an opioid abuse prevention task force while simultaneously investing somewhere between $12-35 MILLION in the Cody Labs opioid factory, so they can up their yearly output from 5 metric tons to 20. That, my friend, is a whole lot of legal smack subsidized by the *fine* folks in your Wyoming State Government.
We caught a couple inches of fresh in the valley Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, but it came in warm and wet. At mid-elevations we got 4-6” of warm and wet. At upper-elevations we got 8-12” of warmish and wettish. Above 10k it’s something like powder but with warm temps and misty clouds today it’s probably getting further affected by the wetness up to at least 10k. Pinwheels, wet slides, sticky snow, and old debris are a problem on most aspects at most elevations so choose lines wisely.

Maybe it’ll snow up high today but it looks to be a wet, dreary day up to at least mid-mountain. I think I’ll head up to the Pass this afternoon for a looksie: the skiing in GTNP is pretty uninspring below 9k, so that leaves good ol’ Mt Glory.


I’ve been slacking on the snow reports lately despite skiing most days. Biggest day was getting into the Dike Couloir with Jane, KEG, and Brad a few days ago, and found some sweet pow in there, dust on crust and old debris down low.

Don’t forget to bring some glopstopper or parowax for your skins now that spring conditions are in full affect. Yesterday on my way up a peak in GTNP I got passed by a young buck on spring break from SLC. He was cruising and dusted me until the glop turned his skins into cement boots. When I caught up to him again I was happy to share my wax and some wisdom Wild Bill shared with me a few years ago: preemptively waxing your skins several times with parowax and ironing it in is a great way to keep the glop at bay, even when there is hot and sticky fresh from the valley floor on up to 10k.

With the clods slowing young buck down I took advantage of the opportunity to give him a free lesson on the global banking cartel and modern methods of weather modification. The low clouds parted enough to showcase the heating properties of aviation induced cirrus clouds, and he was surprised to learn that the most powerful greenhouse gas is actually water vapor. They don’t mention that in mainstream coverage of climate change. Then I showed him a few favorite N facing shots that were just dry enough to be fun… so it was a win/win.

Lately I have been catching a lot of flak and feeling the covert algorithmic censorship for sharing my perspective online, and it was a nice reminder that the real change occurs in the real world. Every time I go out on the town — like I did Tuesday night for the Fred Beckey film, and Saturday for the excellent Franti show and Portugal the Man mannequin drone porn brainwashing at the Village — I stumble across a dozen or so people who let me know how much they appreciate my work. That is inspiring. Hopefully they find the courage to speak up for themselves online or at least share videos, memes, and stories they find intriguing and informative. If not us, who? If not now, when?

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Take care. One Love. Peace.