JH Skywatch Videos

This playlist documents natural and man-made phenomenon in the skies over Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   Updated often.

Featured image is of a geoengineered skycape over Wyoming’s Grand Teton from the summit of Grand Targhee Ski Resort.   Photo taken on April 11th, 2014, which was an exceptionally bad spray day.

5 thoughts on “JH Skywatch Videos”

  1. Hi Max: We brought our grand children here from TX for the Fourth of July and much to our sadness, encountered chemtrails all the way to the Grand Tetons. We’ve seen them world wide, even in Israel. I don’t know who or why this is happening. You are probably aware of skyderaltert (get the ap) and geoengineeringwatch.com.com but they are full of great information.
    For the sake of all of us, we need to do something.
    Peace and love for all generations…


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