I Hope We End The Plague of Propaganda: My Wish For 2022

An Open Letter to the Editor of The Jackson Hole News and Guide

“So many solutions await. As you look forward to 2022, what do you wish most for our community’s future? Email us at editor@jhnewsandguide.com with ‘My Wish for 2022’ in the subject line.”

That is a great idea. I am happy to oblige.

My wish for 2022 is simple: I hope our local newspaper will help us end the purported Covid pandemic and the divisive, destructive, and deadly plague of power consolidating, profit generating, freedom threatening, pharma enthroning, fear spreading propaganda.

The Jackson Hole News and Guide is uniquely capable of helping our community end both of these disasters, and I am writing to encourage you to do so. As you say, “so many solutions await,” and the time for you to implement them is long past due.

Here in 42% “fully vaccinated” Lincoln County the general consensus is that the pandemic ended long ago (if a legitimate pandemic ever actually occurred). We all know Covid is a real disease, but the official narrative has been so overblown and inconsistent that it bears little resemblance to our experiences in actual reality.

As many of us enjoy living normal lives free from fear it is heartbreaking to see the record surge of positive PCR tests and the incessant plague of propaganda afflicting our 90+% “fully vaccinated” neighbors to the north in Teton County. I feel especially bad for local kids dealing with so much unnecessary fear and uncertainty, folks who have been discriminated against and bullied based on their vaccination status, and the employers and employees struggling to keep up with the influx of holiday visitors while chronically short staffed and under constant threat of having to shut down completely due to positive PCR tests.

The simplest solution is to stop hyping up Covid propaganda and to stop pushing unreliable testing like the Vault and Curative PCR tests used to justify the endless state of “HIGH RISK” in Teton County. If the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center kept the avalanche danger pinned on “HIGH” based on one questionable variable, people would stop reading their forecasts and respecting their opinions. The same applies to health officials and media outlets who have cried wolf and assured us that the sky is falling for the last two years. Perhaps our local paper is high on advertising revenue, and many of our local leaders are drunk on perceived power.

In late October 2021 when County Commissioner Epstein considered lifting the mask mandate it came out that Teton County health officer Travis Riddell did not know how many amplification cycles the Vault and Curative PCR tests were being run. Fortunately, local businesswoman and Mountain Freedom Alliance member Savanna Garnick picked up the slack and discovered that Vault tests were being run for 37 cycles and Curative tests were being run for 42 cycles. She has emails from the manufacturers confirming this. One “awaiting solution” would be a Jackson Hole News and Guide investigative report on this important topic.

More amplification cycles results in more positive tests, and at excessive cycle thresholds many false positive results will be obtained. Knowing how many cycles it takes to deliver a positive result is crucial to properly interpreting tests and providing optimal patient care. For example, if a patient tests positive after 20 cycles, they are carrying a lot of virus and should be treated accordingly. If a patient tests positive after 36 cycles that is almost certainly a false positive result. We know this thanks to real science (not pharma $cience), and even Dr. Fauci told us that a PCR Covid test is useless and misleading when the test is run at 35 cycles or higher while speaking on the July 16, 2020 “This Week in Virology” podcast. According to Fauci,“…If you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more the chances of it being replication-competent are miniscule. You almost never can culture virus from a 37 threshold cycle —even 36 — it’s just dead nucleoids, period.”

Teton County’s Vault tests were being run at 37 cycles in October and the Curative test were being run at 42 cycles. As admitted by Fauci, these tests are too sensitive, and are giving false positive results.

Strangely, PCR test cycle thresholds are seemingly impossible to find online, so it is disappointing but not surprising that Riddell could not give us an answer about them back in October. Also, it is important to note that though we know how these tests were being conducted in October we do not know how they are being conducted now. For all we know, the latest batch of PCR tests could be more sensitive than previous tests, and the ongoing surge of positive tests in Teton County could be driven more by changed protocols than actual Covid cases. Another “awaiting solution” would be a Jackson Hole News and Guide investigative report on this important topic.

All that said, let’s take a look at the official statistics.

One year ago Teton County set its previous daily record with 78 positive PCR tests. That record was shattered on December 30th, 2021 — two days before Teton County’s latest mask mandate ended — with 109 positive PCR tests reported that day. By January 5th, 2022 that number ramped up to 178: 228% higher than the previous daily peak during the holiday surge of 2020/21.

Wyoming’s statewide 7 day average for positive PCR tests peaked at 698 per day in late November, 2020. Currently Wyoming’s 7 day average is climbing but sits at 355: approximately half of the previous peak. Teton County’s 90+% “fully vaccinated” population is driving the current statewide surge with an average of 122 positive tests per day. In comparison, 42% “fully vaccinated” Lincoln County’s current average sits at 8 positive tests per day.

Curiously, the most “fully vaccinated”, “boosted”, and Covid-obsessed 4% of Wyoming’s population (Teton County) currently contributes 34% of new positive PCR tests statewide. In comparison, Lincoln County is home to 3.5% of Wyomingites but currently accounts for only 2.2% of Wyoming’s positive PCR tests despite one of the lowest experimental injection rates in the state.

Official figures tell us that 47% of Wyomingites are “fully vaccinated” compared to Teton County’s 90+% “fully vaccinated” population. I put “fully vaccinated” in quotes because experimental mRNA injections that have clearly not conferred effective, long-lasting immunity are not “vaccines” in the traditional sense. Furthermore, “fully” is an elusive term, as evidenced by the push for three or even four shots over the course of a year instead of the two shots we were initially implored to inject.maxmogrenA post shared by Max Mogren (@maxmogren)

We are verboten to speculate that the vaccines (and boosters) might not be as “safe and effective” as folks like Fauci, Gates, and Biden told us they were. For example, during a CNN Town Hall on July 21st, 2021 President Biden told the nation, “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” and the “fact checkers” so quick to write off any skepticism as “dangerous misinformation” deemed Biden’s statement as “half true”. Clearly the ongoing surge of positive PCR tests in Teton County proves that either Biden’s statement was totally false, that the Vault and Curative PCR tests are giving false positives, or both. If I were a betting man I would put my money on both. Another “awaiting solution” would be a Jackson Hole News and Guide investigative report on this important topic.

Fortunately, despite the uncertainty about the injections and ongoing surge of positive PCR tests led by Teton County, Wyoming’s healthcare system is nowhere near being overwhelmed by the purported pandemic. Statewide 76 of 136 ICU beds are open, and there are only 63 total hospitalized people categorized as “Covid patients” compared to 115 hospitalized “Covid patients” a month ago and 249 hospitalized “Covid patients” at the height of the latest reported peak in late October 2021. I put “Covid patients” in quotes because most of these hospitalized Wyomingites suffer from other serious health conditions, and a positive PCR test does not mean that Covid is the actual or only cause of their hospitalization.

The same important distinction applies to many deaths which have consistently been incorrectly reported as “Covid deaths” by the Jackson Hole News and Guide when the Wyoming Department of Health correctly categorizes those deaths as “Covid related”. A positive PCR test prior to death or posthumously does not mean that death was caused by Covid. Another “awaiting solution” would be a Jackson Hole News and Guide investigative report — or at least a correction — addressing this important topic. While you’re at it please take a look at the blatant financial incentives prompting health care providers to label patients and deaths as “Covid”.

We are also fortunate that 246 of Wyoming’s 260 ventilators are open. This is great news because the ventilators are expensive, invasive, ineffective, contribute to serious side effects, and can be deadly. This has been widely reported since the early days of the pandemic, but not — so far as I know — by the Jackson Hole News and Guide. Another “awaiting solution” would be a Jackson Hole News and Guide investigative report on this important topic.

Ironically, many reputable, reliable, credentialed, and consistently correct experts have been “fact checked”, restricted, deplatformed, threatened, fired, and otherwise censored for questioning the official Covid dogma or saying anything that could lead to “vaccine hesitancy.” Another “awaiting solution” would be a Jackson Hole News and Guide investigative report into the dangers of censorship.

Recently your paper has repeatedly called for unity and civil discourse, but your consistently biased and fear based coverage of Covid shows your failure to practice what you preach. You seek solutions, but the only Covid solutions you have offered our community are faulty tests, dehumanizing mask mandates, dogmatic adherence to “the $cience”, and more doses of the ineffective, experimental injections you have been pushing aggressively for the last year. All the while you bully and belittle anyone who does not share your editorial opinion by labelling them “anti-vaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists”.

You know that name calling is no longer kosher on the playground, right? And it certainly has no place in real journalism. Another “awaiting solution” would be exploring the possibility that you might not be right about everything and correcting course accordingly. If you truly seek unity and civil discourse a formal apology to the large segment of the community you have demonized and alienated would be another “awaiting solution”.

In early December I offered your entire staff a Christmas gift in the form of Robert F. Kennedy’s new bestselling book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Health and Democracy. Sadly, nobody at your newspaper took me up on my offer. Nobody even bothered to reply to the email I sent you all.

In the month since I have read two additional bestselling books about the Covid situation: The Code Breaker by former Time and CNN Editor Walter Isaacson (which I am sure your staff would find incredibly comforting) and Pandemia by former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson (an excellent example of controlled opposition presenting readers with a limited hangout contrarian Covid narrative). All three books have given me a more well informed perspective of where we are at and how we got here. Another “awaiting solution” would be encouraging your writers and readers to explore a wide variety of perspectives on the most important issues affecting us all before spouting off about $cience-based solutions.

In closing, I sincerely hope that your paper will help our community end the purported Covid pandemic and divisive, destructive, and deadly plague of power consolidating, profit generating, freedom threatening, pharma enthroning, fear spreading propaganda.

I sincerely hope that some of your staff will take me up on my standing offer to send them free copies of RFK Jr’s new bestselling book.

I sincerely hope that you will print this letter in its entirety to help inform your readers of alternative perspectives on the pandemic.

I sincerely hope we can get a legitimate dialogue going on the variety of available solutions that have proven far more effective than unreliable testing, mandatory masking, and the forceful push for ineffective experimental injections with no long term safety testing.

If these hopes for 2022 do not materialize, I sincerely hope that local businesses will stop supporting blatantly biased and misleading media outlets by directing their advertising dollars elsewhere. I also hope that other media outlets materialize to fill the void left by the once great Jackson Hole News and Guide. Of course I sincerely hope you choose to correct course instead.

Take care.


Max Mogren

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