This is a letter to the editor of the JH News and Guide in response to their consistently misleading and shoddy coverage of the Covid-19 “pandemic” and its impacts on Wyoming.

In response to your incessant onslaught of Covid-19 coverage, notably yesterday’s article “Wyoming reports 23 more COVID-19 deaths; toll could exceed 400 by end of year”. Can you folks just give us a break from the depressing and misleading BS already? Let me clear the air and dispell some of this totally senseless fear.

First off, Wyoming DoH does NOT report “Covid-19 deaths” it reports “Covid-19 RELATED deaths” which is a notable discrepency that local corporate media consistently fails to acknowledge. Even your headline is a blatantly misleading LIE. See attached screenshot taken from Wyo DoH today, and visit Wyo DoH for more info on how they define a “Covid-19 related” death

Second, this misleading article fails to provide any context. Of Wyoming’s 351 Covid-19 RELATED deaths, 68.7% had serious preexisting medical conditions, 27.4% are listed as “unknown”, and only 3.9% are listed as otherwise healthy before testing positive for or being deemed a probable Covid-19 RELATED death without any actual testing but merely based on exposure. Claiming — as this deceptive article does — that someone died from Covid-19 overlooks the rest of their life story and health history to the detriment of good data, good journalism, and good public policy.

There is a big difference between dying FROM a virus and dying after being exposed to a virus or having a highly suspect PCR test reveal the existence of snippets of genetic signatures associated with a virus after 30-45 multiplications of said genetic snippets. The inevitable false positivies of these controversial PCR tests helps explain why most people who test positive for Covid-19 have minor or no symptoms: a positive test does not mean that someone is either sick or contagious.

Equally important and worth mentioning, the vast majority of Wyomingites dying Covid-19 RELATED deaths are elderly: 43% 80+ yo (above US life expectancy), 33.3% 70-79 yo, 15.1% 60-69 yo, 4.6% 50-59 yo, only 1.4% 40-49 yo, only 2% 30-39 yo, only 0.6% 19-29 yo, and 0% among people 18 and under. Put succinctly, the vast majority of Covid-19 RELATED deaths (91.4%) occured in Wyomingites over the age of 60. Only 3.9% of Covid-19 RELATED deaths occurred in Wyomingites deemed healthy before their assumed or PCR “confirmed” bout with Covid-19 and subsequent demise.

Many of Wyoming’s Covid-19 RELATED deaths occurred in nursing homes where I can tell you with absolute certainty (due to my own work experience) that many residents are chronically dehydrated and malnourished, both of which destroy health and eventually lead to death. Needless to say, typical doctors are not going to list starvation and neglect as contributing factors on their patients’ death certificates. Meanwhile, months ago Minnesota State senator and MD Scott Jensen blew the whistle on financial incentives used to reward healthcare providers for boosting the reported Covid-19 RELATED death rate.

Months ago the media told us that Covid-19 related deaths in nursing homes were unacceptable. Now we are being told not to be alarmed if nursing home residents die shortly after receiving their experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccination because nursing home deaths are always to be expected. Can you see through the misleading mainstream doublespeak yet?

More context about Wyoming Covid-19 stats: assuming we can trust PCR tests (which we probably cannot) the Covid-19 RELATED death rate is currently ~1% of “confirmed” cases, and ~0.8% when we factor in “probable” cases. In reality, the vast majority of Wyomingites have been exposed to Covid-19 and many of us have already caught it and recovered, have already built our own antibodies, and have contributed to herd immunity without ever getting tested, diagnosed, or vaccinated.

According to Wyoming DoH so far 188,239 Wyomingites have been tested for Covid-19, which is approximately 32.5% of Wyomings ~578,759 population. Obviously many cases have gone undetected because ~67.5% of Wyomingites have not been tested yet. Of course the PCR tests are essentially meaningless anyway, unless you analyze the correlation of more positive test results closely parallelling more total tests administered and increased gene multiplication cycles per test.

The real number of Covid-19 cases in Wyoming is obviously higher than what is being reported because 2/3rds of the population has not been tested, and many of the 351 Covid-19 RELATED deaths were not actually caused by Covid-19. When we factor in these obvious truths Wyoming’s actual death rate due to Covid-19 drops well below the currently reported 0.8-1% for Covid-19 RELATED deaths.

Meanwhile the JH Daily is printing full page editorials about how we have to shut down “nonessential” businesses again. I think it’s past time that these “nonessential” businesses stopped supporting the misleading “journalists” at the JH News and Guide.