Seeking Your Opinion of Exum’s Arc’teryx Backcountry Academy and New Arc’teryx Trips Programs

I want to know what YOU think about the trend towards more commercialization of the backcountry in and around Grand Teton National Park. If you’d like to remain anonymous say so, & I will respect your privacy.

I hope to hear a wide variety of perspectives about Exum’s recently established #arcteryxacademy and their upcoming #arcteryxtrips joint business (ad)ventures.

Exum and Arc’teryx have hopped into bed together and are cocreating customers in a manner normally reserved for rabbits.

In two short winters their partnership has pumped up the number of simultaneous and season total commercial ski trips in the #teton #backcountry to unprecedented levels. Further growth seems a sure thing since their Academy specializes in graduating repeat customers.

Some locals are concerned that the avalanche safety of all backcountry visitors is compromised when Exum launches large groups (literally dozens) of guided skiers up & down avalanchey peaks in overlapping succession. One morning last winter I passed ~69 (seriously, ~69!) Arc’teryx Academy skiers and splitboarders simultaneously ascending the skintrack from Death Canyon to Wimpy’s Knob. Folks were lined up below and across the assorted slide paths on a Considerable avalanche danger day. 69 of ’em. Seriously.

The new Arc’teryx Trips program recently went live online and is reportedly all the talk at 50+ Arc’teryx stores globally and at countless other retailers that carry the clothing brand.

Among other things Arc’teryx Trips is selling exclusive — and expensive — trips up the Grand Teton and into the most sacred Cirques of the Wind River Wilderness.

Don’t worry if this year’s *limited* Arc’teryx-branded trips are already booked up: Exum will gladly charge you for your own little guided adventure to the same overcommercialized location at a comparable price.

Sure, Exum can market its services and sign sponsorship deals for gear discounts but *should* a global clothing brand based in Canada be advertising and selling trips for a concession service in Our Parks? My perspective is strongly opposed to these business relationships and the precedents they set. Maybe you can persuade me otherwise.