9/11 TRUTH 2017: 16th Anniversary Truthathon



According to a 2016 LIVE SCIENCE survey, at least 54.3% of Americans believe the federal government’s official story of 9/11 is bogus.  Today, on the 16th Anniversary of the most blatant false flag attack in US history, we at Wake Up News intend to help raise that percentage.

Continuing to expose the official lies and promote the true story of 9/11 is the only way to bring true justice to the victims of that event and those killed around the world throughout the ongoing War On Terror that 9/11 was spun to initiate.

Promoting the truth about 9/11 is also a great way to wake more people to the many lies our society is built upon and to expose the media outlets, corporations, and government agencies continuing to lie to us.

21552990_10209976848874165_1926311229_nThis information is “old news” to many of you, but for some people it is shockingly new.  The…

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