Why Doesn’t the US Department of Defense Weaken These Hurricanes and Send Them Back Out To Sea?


Hurricane Harvey just caused the most expensive “natural” disaster in American history.  Now Hurricane Irma in bearing down on Florida, Katia batters central Mexico, and Jose is entering the Caribbean.  The media has a lot to say about these storms, but no one is asking the big question: why are these storms wreaking unprecedented havoc when they could be weakened and sent back out to sea.

We live in the era of anthropogenic climate change, but the mainstream media focuses only on the influence of CO2 and methane.  In reality, many human factors contribute to the wild weather we are experiencing, most notably INTENTIONAL weather modification programs.  Many of these programs are conducted with public knowledge while others are conducted without public oversight.

The historical record of weather modification technology development proves that we have the technological capacity to steer hurricanes.  The obvious question this video poses is why we…

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