Modern Sheepeaters Vote Muldoon for Mayor

I’d like to vote Muldoon for Mayor, but am in a bit of a bind.  I can’t legally vote in Jackson because technically I live in Alpine.  I tend bar at the Wort 5 nights a week, play in the Tetons by day, and camp out in the Hole more often than not… but I can’t vote in Teton County without dirtying my conscience if not my criminal record.  Life is funny like that.

A well-developed sense of humor is crucial at a time when the Military Industrial Complex is illegally operating and ruining lives from Syria to Standing Rock.  At times it all seems hopeless globally, but on the local level our voices and votes really do make a difference.

On the Presidential level this election is certainly a hopelessly unfunny joke, but locally we’re lucky to have two great candidates running for Mayor.  Sarah Flitner is a talented public relations professional turned politician.  Pete Muldoon is a well-informed working guy who isn’t afraid to take the stage and sing every week at the Wort.   One time Flitner helped me break up a barfight.  Muldoon and I have worked together and used to debate one another online quite a bit.  I know and like them both, but I like Muldoon for Mayor more.

Flitner would do fine at bringing us business as usual, but I think Muldoon is a better bet with working class interests more in mind.  Muldoon will really represent workers on the most important issue affecting and evicting members of our community: housing.  I think he will inspire other local politicians to get more vocal, and that their collective influence will help turn the tide toward more truly sustainable community development.

The Sheepeater band of the Shoshone got evicted from Jackson Hole 140 years ago. Today many locals face a similar predicament.  A certain breed choose to connect with the wilderness and join the community here.  Most of us work for a living too.  Every time a longtime local who is passionate about Jackson is forced to leave, the Hole loses a little bit more of its soul.

If you live in Jackson, Wyoming I encourage you to vote Muldoon for Mayor on Tuesday, November 8th.  Even if you don’t maybe it’s a good idea to do so.  🙂

It’s not too late to get registered to vote.  For more info go…