Straight Talk from Standing Rock, Part 1

The snow storm raging around Standing Rock is minor compared to the shit storm of misleading information swirling out of the mainstream media.  Hopefully this series of reports from the front line helps set the record straight.

Photo by Talia Atkins

I have been in the Water Protectors’ encampments at Standing Rock for the last five days. I certainly don’t know the whole story about the situation here, but have already learned a lot more than anyone writing from afar without firsthand experience can pretend to. I present from the perspective of a well-educated and skeptical conspiracy factualist, which is what I am.

This is the most peaceful and prayerful group of people I have ever had the privilege to be a tiny part of.  The community here holds a simple shared purpose: protecting water.  It is about standing up to greedy corporations and corrupt governments for the sake of human and planetary health.  It is about honoring treaties and respecting Native cultural sites and traditions.

It is an overwhelmingly powerful and beautiful space, even in the midst of the militarized police, assorted state-sponsored terrorism tactics, and a blustery (geoengineered?) blizzard forecast to persist for the next several days.

I wish I had gotten here much sooner and that I could stay a lot longer.

This is not a mere protest but a legitimate community engaged in a literal act of protection.  It is led by Native Americans, but includes people of all races.  The Water Protectors’ prayerful presence is holding back an oil pipeline that threatens sacred burial grounds, the local environment, and a water supply serving hundreds of millions of Americans dependent on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

It is peaceful and spiritual above all else.  Anyone who says otherwise is either misinformed or an intentional liar.

Contrary to today’s catchy headlines coming from the mainstream media, people are not treating the encampments like a “hippie festival” and Natives are not upset about outsiders being here.  No one is here for a farm party: it is bitterly cold by night and feels like a sacred space during the day.  There are no drugs or alcohol allowed within the encampments.  The snipers and humvees on various hillsides, planes and choppers circling by day, bright lights blasting the encampment all night, ribbons of razor wire, and blockaded roads all detract from any atmosphere of a standard sex, drugs, and music festival.  It’s better than that… by far.

In my time here I’ve seen Protectors of all creeds and colors treat one another with mutual respect and kindness, even at times when cultural toes get stepped on.  For example, just yesterday I absentmindedly brought my leashed dog too close to a sacred fire – a serious violation of local rules—but my respect only grew for the polite Native people who informed me of my mistake and set me straight.  I can say the same of every instance I’ve encountered when newbies in the encampments accidentally upset established locals and native Natives.

In reality, the most pressing concerns come from *outside* the encampments.  Militarized police have been tormenting and terrorizing protestors for months, with recent escalations in violent force.   Armored police prepped for a one-sided war with an unarmed enemy have blockaded the main highway from the North offering access from Bismark to the encampments and the rest of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

The mainstream media accuses Protectors of torching vehicles and obstructing traffic, but really the police are to blame: the last time the cops got really violent it was because Protectors were attempting to remove torched military vehicles that police had positioned in the middle of the highway.

Outside threats take other forms as well: the Army Corps of Engineers recently issued an eviction notice of the main camp for December 5th, and today the Governor of North Dakota issued a threat-filled emergency evacuation order of the main camp – effective immediately – for the sake of “public health and safety”.

The Governor must not have internet access or a window in his office because standard public safety protocol during a severe blizzard is to stay put.  A foot of fresh snow blowing around in the ongoing storm makes breaking camp virtually impossible at this point, even if people were terrorized into moving.

The fact that the main highway is blocked, other roads are unplowed or drifted over, and the dirt trails through the camps are now a mix of mud, ice, and snow further seals the deal: not only are people staying, but a lot of people are stuck here even if they do want to leave.  According to the Governor of North  Dakota, it is now a criminal act to remain in the main camp at Standing Rock.  So much for the health, safety, and sanity of the ~5000 Americans now in the encampments.

All the great intentional communities of the last half century seem to have fallen on the government’s skewed sword of “public health and safety”.  The System can’t stand seeing people exist outside it’s grip within it’s reach.  Our freedom terrifies them so they terrorize us.

Beyond the persistently cold conditions, snow storms, state-sponsored terrorism, spread of sickness, whispers of planes spraying something sinister secretly over the camps by night, and more manageable human health and sanitation issues, another cause for concern is informants and agitators hired to spy on and sabotage operations here.

If reports emerge of someone getting violent with the police it is probably a fake story or staged event involving hired goons following orders.  Fabricated events like the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and false flag attacks like 9/11 can be carried out on a much smaller scale.  Recent examples include the staged Sandy Hook shooting and the bogus Boston Marathon bombing.  If the government is in a hurry to end this glorious example of humans acting freely and fearlessly, some shadowy spooks may sacrifice a few police officers and Water Protectors for the sake of saving face and a lot of money. The possibility is disturbingly sad but all too real.

Believe it or not, within camp even connecting to the wrong wifi network is a concern: if Protectors accidentally access any of the many open P wifi networks permeating the encampment our devices get hacked and develop quirks, stop working entirely, or start doing God knows what without our consent.

Personally, I’m also concerned about the potential covert deployment of wireless technologies affecting human health and wellness.  I’m speaking of mysterious machines similar to the loud LRAD sound weapons commonly deployed but silently operating along key wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum at which humans are vulnerable.

Photo by Max Mogren

The square units atop these military rigs on the front line at Standing Rock are Long Range Acoustic Devices, aka LRADS, aka Sound Cannons.  What other high tech tools do these fools have in their arsenal?  If your mental eggs were getting scrambled electromagnetically, how would you know?

Having researched the topic quite a bit for the last few years, I think that many Americans are currently being manipulated with wireless frequencies designed to dumb us down and sap our strength.  Perhaps even more harmful technologies are being unleashed on the Water Protectors.

Of course, that is only my opinion, and I have no more solid evidence to support it at this point than do the people claiming that the camps at Standing Rock are being sprayed secretly by night.  My aim is to spread awareness and solidarity, not fear or doubt.  That said, I am obligated to be truthful on the facts and to share the thoughts and feelings that persistently gnaw at my gut despite my desire to deny their legitimacy.

Hopefully the prayers of these powerful, peaceful warriors will protect us against any and all state-sponsored terrorism and corporate insanity.  Hopefully more people will stand up for Standing Rock – and themselves – before it is truly too late.  One Love.  Peace.

Photo by Max Mogren