Wydaho Snow: 5.24.16: Targhee Lives!

The lifts stopped running at Grand Targhee Ski Resort exactly one month ago, but the skiing is perfect right now.  After several consecutive cold days with precipitation, Grand Targhee is sporting creamy goodness from top to almost bottom.

It’s still snowing right now which has me pondering: could tomorrow be a bonafied pow day?

When in doubt, bring everything.

Yesterday Leilah from the Tavern and Max from the Wort decided to put the petty bar rivalry behind them and go skiing instead.  We were able to skin from the parking lot and only had to take the skis off to cross a few cat tracks during our descent.  Up top we found 4-6″ of fresh filling in all the gaps and smoothing things out nicely.  Down low there was a dusting on slush, but the skiing was still great.

The morning dawned bright blue and beautiful until moisture from recent precip started cycling up and forming cumulus clouds.  The Tetons were in and out of the clouds as we ascended. We caught a nice sucker hole at the summit.  By mid-afternoon it was socked in and raining/snowing once again.


My last ski day before yesterday ended depressingly and in the dark.  I found myself limping on a sprained ankle, alone in the Meadows staring up at a string of headlamps ascending the Grand Teton.  Grimaldi, Bartelby, Bill and a dozen others were ahead of me, but I lacked the will to continue, so I turned around and trudged back to a warm bed in town.

Either I’m getting old, my priorities have changed, or both.

When the Lunch Counter wave came in I thought it was time to put my skis away for the winter.  The last three weeks have been spent surfing by day and tending bar by night.  Writing anything has been on the backburner because I’m burned out on mass media and am currently more interested in making a difference in the lives of those that really matter to me.

Be the Change.  Slay some snow while it lasts.  Hit me up if you want a surf lesson on the river. Right now I’m off to work.  One Love.  Peace.