The World Is Your Groomer: Wydaho Snow: 5.3.16

Let’s see, where to begin… It’s been more than a month since my last snow report and a lot has happened!  I scored a US Ski Team Gold Pass for the last month of the season and shredded a lot of slackcountry outside JHMR.  It was pretty fun to reconnect with the crew there and ride some lifts for a change.

Spent some time surfing in Nicaragua and climbing/biking in Moab.  I have been back in the Hole for a week back on my bartending grind and plan on skiing until the Lunch Counter comes in (soon!).

Snow King is pretty well done although the central groomer is still doableif you are willing to walk dirt for a few hundred vert.

Mount Glory is good top to bottom on the South side.  1st Turn.  Twin Slides.  Tasty!  Even Glory Bowl is still skiable top to bottom but barely.

I camped up the Grey’s one night and skied the next morning.  The road is in rough shape but not too bad if you go really slow or really fast… just don’t be shocked when you find your rig skittering sideways towards a cliff and into the river!  Better to go slow I suppose,or skip it entirely because snow line is pretty high and ~1000′ of dirt walking was what I did to get there the other day.

GTNP is looking really good top to almost bottom but I’m not totally sure what’s going on up there. I hear folks are getting after it in the high peaks so I’m headed up for a looksie tomorrow.

JHMR is also doable almost top to bottom aside from the cat tracks.   Touring from Glory to JHMR looks pretty doable right now.  Targhee is probably skiing great too.

Get some while it lasts.  With these warm days we’re losing what little we have left quickly.