Wydaho Snow: 3.21.16: The Calm Between Storms

After a week of good snow and great riding today is a perfect opportunity for a rest day.  The last several days have been hot and sunny.  Today dawned overcast and colder.  The snow is crusty on most aspects at all elevations, but the forecast looks fabulous: snow, snow, and snow starting tonight through the working man’s week.

Yesterday Tom, Maestra, and I went for a little adventure that necessitated touring gear, a truck, a van, a canoe, a kayak, and two — yes two — beater snowmachines.  Logistically, it was a fustercluck but exploring a lot of new terrain and skiing some great steep North facing shots made it all worthwhile.


As previously mentioned, it has been hot and sunny for the last few days.  Yesterday it was crazy hot on South facing slopes to the extent that we were shirtless in our skivvies while skinning up snow that was — thankfully — too warm and wet to stick to our skins and topsheets.

I’ve really been enjoying the deep, dark blue of skies unadulterated by artificially induced cirrus clouds.  See photo:


I could expound upon the exact nature of our adventure but some spots need to remain secret and sacred.  In the era of Google Earth and guidebooks, you can do your own homework.

Now I suppose I should get around to doing all the important things I’ve been neglecting over the last week.  It is a Monday morning, after all.

Rest well and get ready, because Woody usually low-balls the forecast and he’s calling for 11 inches in the mountains by Wednesday morning.  Let’s hope it’s 22. 🙂