Wydaho Snow: 3.17.16: Happy Days Are Here Again

A few days ago my vehicle broke down for the third time this winter, leaving me stranded in the Hole just as the latest storm cycle started up.  The repair proved beyond my mechanical abilities so slaying snow seemed the sensible thing to do while Shervin’s sorted out my starting system.  Big thanks to Massa Miles for the affordable tow across town!


Memories of the last four days flow through me like a deep and dramatic dream.  Low snow brings cabin fever that can drive even the most stalwart ski bums insane.  Luckily, the remedy arrived just in time.

After yet another warm and wet weekend Glory got good Monday morning as snow started stacking up above 7500′.  It rained down low.  By Tuesday temps had dropped and enough fresh had fallen at all elevations for top to bottom feasting on the flanks of JHMR.

With another foot of fresh awaiting us we awoke well before dawn Wednesday.  In hopes of getting ample antidote to cabin fever, I found myself willing to pay half price to play prolifically in the pow pow garnishing the granitic peaks just outside the gates at JHMR.

Yes, for the first time in a very long time I paid to ski, and it proved to be one of the best days this season at JHMR.  I felt foolish fingering through my wallet for exact change to feed the bloated beast, but flying through fluff from first tram through three four pines fiestas with friendly fellow fiends I found I was not so foolish after all.

On the heels of a month of meltdown it proved $68.00 very well spent.  Hopefully the $800 it took to get my van going again will yield powdery profits as well.  I’m pretty sure Castle Rock Auto botched my previous repair, FYI.

As I write this in the wee hours of Thursday morning I sneak outside stupidly to smoke a cig and find a foot of fresh has fallen in Alpine since 6pm.  Today may be even better than yesterday.

snow-globe-houseStaring out at the wacky world we live upon from this snow globe home called Wydaho I can see the sense in laughing, loving, and playing our way through this fragile life.  With no fear I say that at any moment it could all be taken away.

As the tram hits the top dock we remind ourselves, “If you don’t know, don’t go.”  But if you don’t go you’ll never know.  Respect to those who went long ago showing we modern ski bums a way out that the vast majority of humanity can never even hope to know.

Gladly and gratefully… get some!  It’s good almost everywhere and the temps are staying low, but the sun is coming out.  Fortunately more snow is in the forecast.

6 thoughts on “Wydaho Snow: 3.17.16: Happy Days Are Here Again”

  1. There aren’t any granitic peaks south of the tram. These mountains are mostly composed of Mississippian limestone, but also dolomite, shale and sandstone. Lower down are metamorphic rocks with a few thin sills and dykes of granite.


    1. Thanks for keeping me honest, Doc! Remind me: what’s that canyon called North of the tram? Rock Springs buttress is a big chunk of granite too, but you’re right: Cody, Rendezvous, etc are not Granite. Thanks!


      1. Granite Canyon is not made of granite. It’s the Rendezvous meta-gabro. It does contain light-colored sills and dikes of granite. The same is true of the Rock Springs Buttress. The next time you’re out there, look at it. You will see that only the thin veins of intrusive igneous rock are granite.


  2. How can we contribute to the van repair? Don’t have much, but will send something.

    FS: One red raku Japanese tea ceremony bowl made by Kyoto Master Wada Tozan. Known in tea culture as a ‘Spring bowl’. Worth $3-4k, asking 8 bills straight to Max. Pics & provenance available. Thanks!


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