Wydaho Snow: 3.5.16: GTNP Pre-Weekend Conditions

At 1pm on Friday March 4th it is currently 52*F in Alpine and 47*F in Jackson.  Similarly sunny and warm conditions have been the norm for the last several weeks here in Wydaho.

Despite the persistent springlike conditions the snow is still surprisingly good at mid and upper elevations, at least on the eastern slope of the Teton Range.  The mountains surrounding Star Valley don’t seem to have fared as well due to lower recent snowfall and higher temperatures with occasional overnight lows above freezing in Alpine.  Bummer.

The Teton Range got just enough fresh snow to be good again on most aspects at upper elevations, on E-N aspects at mid elevations, and in total shade down low.  Good corn skiing is available at lower elevations and hot pow at mid elevations so long as you pick the right time of day.  Snow is wind affected up high but not nearly as badly as after previous recent large wind events.

As for nordic conditions, fast, fun crust skiing is not the norm leaving BT Parking Area anymore.  ~3″ of soft, newish snow makes for slow going off the beaten path.  On the beaten path conditions are fast making for fun nordic skiing and quick approaches to the peaks.

Today I skied a favorite steep N facing shot and caught it in rare form.  A slight zippery crust was encountered in a few spots but beyond that it was hero snow.  Where it’s’ not tracked up the snow stayed soft and playful all the way back to the valley floor.

If you haven’t waxed your skis and skins recently you may want to consider doing so before heading out into the backcountry.  New snow combined with lots of sun and heat makes for a variable and sticky situation.  Glop stopper or canning wax is a great thing to carry in the backcountry as we experience these freakishly prolonged springtime conditions.

Have fun.  Take care.  One Love.  Peace.