It’s Wet, Windy, and Weird Out. Where’s Our Wydaho Snow?: 2.16.16

I haven’t been taking many pictures lately, partly because conditions have not been exceptionally inspiring recently here in Wydaho.  We got a lot of wind followed by a week of mid-winter sun and heat.  Bummer.

Now it seems the forecast storm may have come in too warm: we’ve got wind, and wetness, and it’s snowing sporadically in the mountains, but this natural/artificial hybrid winter storm could be called Bernie Trump: all bark and no dump.

I gotta get to work so we don’t have time to get technical on the whole geoengineering issue, but suffice it to say that we see artificially induced cloud cover almost every day.

Most of the artificial clouds we see are of the cirrus variety hovering at high altitudes and scientifically proven to trap heat.  Unnaturally high levels of heat trapping clouds cause crazy temps like the high of 45*F we saw in the TOJ today. I made a few videos about the last week of planes creating clouds but haven’t published any because…

As for the snow, Massa Miles, Machine Shop McKenzie, I skied down off the Grand Canyon yesterday.  A few of our friends bailed due to flu, so let’s all remember to wash our hands, eh?

We hoped to canoe across to Brad Peak but it was drizzling a wee bit too hard for enjoyable boating, so we opted to hit some shady shots between 6-9k’.  It was bottomless in spots, still sugary thanks to protection from the sun.

At the time there was already 4″ of fresh in Alpine, 4″ of  fresh in the canyon, and 6-8″ of fresh at mid elevations.  Winds were brisk but not nuclear.  Snow conditions were better than expected but not totally reliable: a slight shift in steepness or aspect resulted in drastically different underlying snow conditions. Snow conditions on most aspects and elevations still sucked.

Today on Mt Glory is was storm skiing without quite enough fresh to call it good.  Maybe the NE Ridge was skiing good, but I doubt it.  Winds were nuking.  We saw high humidity and frigid, blustery conditions up high.

Unfortunately it was not cold enough to snow consistently below 9000′.  What little fresh to be found on the upper mountain was definitely getting blown around.

On the South side of Glory we found dust on very variable crust in spots with deeper pockets on leeward slopes.  The winds were so strong and the viz was so poor by mid-mountain that RT and I opted to turn around and ski the lower flanks because safety.

Hopefully it cools down overnight and dumps.  Take care out there.  One Love.  Peace.