The Great Backcountry Bacne BBQ of 2016: Wydaho Snow: 2.9.16

It’s hot, hot, hot here in Wydaho right now.  The forecast looks like more of the same for the next week.

Jackson Wyoming Forecast

The internet says it’s currently 31*F in Jackson but anything that’s catching sun is considerably hotter right now.

Yesterday I skied steep N facing trees from 9k-6k’ off the Grand Canyon of the Snake and it was fabulous in the shade, sunfucked everywhere else.  We didn’t get as much wind down South as the Eastern Tetons saw.

Apparently the Western Tetons didn’t see quite as much wind either, notably the strong NE wind last week that backloaded and windhammered a lot of terrain at mid and upper elevations on the Eastern slope.

Today I dropped into a favorite steep, shady line in GTNP and found very variable conditions.  Maybe 1/3rd of my turns were hero snow.  The rest was windhammered with poppable plaques of powder here and there.

Anything that catches a lot of sun and isn’t totally flat is getting slushy and crusty.  We might see a little corn cycle out of this high pressure system.  Protected slopes at mid and lower elevations are still soft and tasty — in spots — in the Tetons.  Down South we’re doing a little better but temps are forecast to hit the mid-50s in Star Valley late this week.

Anyone want to go climbing in the desert the next three days?  Working Fat Tuesday at the Silver Dollar tonight — gotta go asap in fact– but I don’t have to be back at work until 5pm Saturday.  Hit me up.