Wydaho Snow: 2.7.16: Got Glop? Get Waxy.


Today it got sunny and HOT in Wydaho with temps topping out at 40*F in Alpine, 35*F in Driggs, and 36*F in Jackson.

Fortunately the good snow is still holding up to the heat in shady spots at all elevations that didn’t see much movement over the windy last week.  Star Valley seems to have seen less wind than Jackson Hole and surrounding peaks were still skiing good top to bottom in a lot of spots today.

Our forecast for the next week looks even hotter with a high of 50*F predicted in Alpine on Thursday and Friday.  Jackson Hole is forecast to hit the mid-forties in the valley next week.  Bummer.

Overnight lows are forecast well below freezing, winds are forecast as light, so we may see some serious stability building in the snowpack at most elevations.

Nasty crusts, sloppy slush, sticky pow slowly dying, and maybe — just maybe — stashes of sweet sugary snow are what we have to look forward too.

Most of this would have skied well today but will certainly be cooked and crusty tomorrow morning.  The light sure was amazing: today we saw a natural partly cloudy day.  Simply glorious.


Tomorrow I’ll be working my way along a ridge where the sun don’t shine, skiing steep trees at mid-elevations.

Winter is short.  Summer is long.  Get some fresh while it’s still good somewhere.