Wydaho Snow: 2.6.16: Teton Pass Windy As

Today I hoped to take Maestra back to The Pyramid but forgot my skins in the TOJ.  We opted for a quick lap on Mt. Glory before an afternoon of running errands and getting on going to work.

I wasn’t super stoked on The Pass due to weekend crowds, high winds, overcast skies, limited visibility, and what amounted to a few inches of fresh on sun, wind, and skier crusts.

Aspects that got blown in by the latest winds were pretty good at upper elevations on Mt. Glory.  By mid-mountain old tracks and sun crusts were much more apparent and the skiing started to suck.  At lower elevations crusts seemed less pronounced, and the new snow felt pretty dense.

Winds are forecast to start dying down soon.  Shady, protected spots at mid-elevations are skiing best right now.  Down low things are finally mostly filled in, but still not quite enough for comfort.  Have fun out there!

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  1. TX 4 keepin’ it real Max. I’l try to get over for a visit soon……next 5-7 weeks.



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