Wydaho Snow: 2.5.16: Grand Canyon of The Snake Sidecountry

Upon returning from a few long days on the road I experienced the joy of coming home to find another 8″ of fresh in my driveway in Alpine.   After a morning spent shovelling and blowing snow, Maestra, RT, and I got in a quick tour up one of the several side canyons off the Grand Canyon of the Snake.

Someone had put a skin track up the West wall of the side canyon. We opted to return to our old track from a few days prior on the East wall.  By mid-mountain we had a hard time finding it thanks to ~12″ of fresh, light snow.

We didn’t make the summit but evidence of high wind was apparent starting around mid-mountain.  It seems like the best skiing to be found now is at lower to mid-elevations in areas that don’t see a lot of sun or wind.

It was snowing intermittently during our tour and more snow is forecast to come in.  Hopefully the winds die down, the sun stays behind the clouds, and the snow stays tasty longer than it did the last storm cycle.