Wydaho Snow: 2.1.16: Commie Creek Hot Pow

Some places are better kept a secret and “Commie Creek” is one of those.  Yesterday, 1.31.16, I took Howie and Tom up to Pinko Point on Pie de Gigante for their first foray up Commie Creek.

It was hot down low and partly sunny to the summits.  Things were getting seriously sticky and suncrusted down low.  Nothing was sliding beyond sluffs in the cliffbands and such.  In the shade it stayed good all day.  At mid-elevations the suncrust became less pronounced on less steep aspects, but I’d say the steep S faces got cooked top to bottom down around Star Valley.

With cold temps inbound and no snow forecast for a few days these crusts are going to be really nasty on any peaks that saw considerable sun today.  Hopefully the Tetons fared better.  Does anybody know?

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