Wydaho Snow: 1.29.16: Darkness Saving Light

Yesterday, 1.28.16, Maestra and I headed uop one of our favorite peaks in the Southern Tetons to lap it’s steep dark side at mid-elevations.  We found tasty, untouched, sugary pow.

At upper elevations NNE aspects are often wind affected.  At lower elevations coverage is still too thin to call the steeps deep.  All sunny aspects — especially the steep stuff — is pretty well sunfucked with breakable crusts up to 10,000′ and perhaps beyond.  There’s a fine line between perfect pow and survival skiing right now, and it starts right about here:


This morning I ran into the Great Grimaldi at the grocery store and he was headed to work after “the worst Glory lap of the year”.  BT Avalanche is reporting 2-3″ of fresh on the upper mountains.  Clearly the storm we’ve been expecting has not fully materialized yet.  Hopefully later today.

Last night I planned to turn tail and run to Alpine to dig out the homestead, but think I’ll go Logjammin’ on the Lebowski Ledges today instead.  The Claw, Pinedale, NE Shadow, and NE 4 Pines have all been getting skied hard for the last week without reported slides popping off.  Chicken Scratch and Mile Long went a few days ago near their tops, but the Ledges don’t usually get as loaded up top.  Maybe if we tread lightly…

Certainly going and having a look with a contingency plan couldn’t hurt.  Seeing how this snow storm is coming in would help my wisdom as well.  Plus, if this storm comes in as forecast my tracks will be buried completely by morning. Take care.  One Love.  Peace.



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