Wydaho Snow: 12.26.2015: Instant Winter Regifted

Wydaho has gotten the goods consistently for the last ~10 days.  Now temps have dropped dramatically and the cycle of storm after storm after storm has stopped.  If it stays cold and winds remain light we should have good snow here for quite a while… at least in spots that haven’t gotten carved up yet. 🙂

Ferry Peak Alpenglow Christmas 2015
Instant Winter on Ferry Peak Illuminated in the Alpenglow on 12.25.15

Recently I’ve been rather busy working, skiing, travelling, and enjoying the holidaze at the expense of posting timely trip reports.  Snow conditions have changed so rapidly and profoundly lately that any description would be dated within a matter of hours.

Visibility has mostly been poor due to stormy conditions, which limits reportable observations.  Also, avalanche danger has been HIGH and very unpredictable, so I’ve been playing it safe by skiing spots that saw a lot of early season and storm traffic.

Lastly, it’s been good just about everywhere, so what’s the point in reporting the obvious.  Snow reports only become informative when the snow mostly sucks.  If you’re seeking virgin powder, the snow already sucks at local resorts and on accessible aspects on Teton Pass.

Murphy Creek Detail 12 25 15
Murphy Creek looking tasty on Christmas Day 2015

Yesterday the visibility improved dramatically, so I borrowed a sled and headed up the Grey’s to see what slid and what hadn’t.  I didn’t see any evidence of avalanches on the peaks I visually inspected, but maybe obvious evidence of recent slides has been buried under fresher deposits of snow.

I’ve got a healthy 18″ of fresh fluff in my yard at 5700′ in Alpine.  At 8000′ up Murphy Creek I encountered ~3-4 feet of fresh and spots with much deeper drifts.

In my eyes we’re still a few days away from yellow or green lights on obvious slidepaths.  Yesterday I stuck to the shallows.  Today I think I’ll head up the path of least vulnerability on Roman Nose, Ferry West.

About two weeks ago I predicted that Wydaho would get great snow leading up to and over the holidays, and that’s what happened.  Temps were perfect for powder snow and winds were light enough that most that fell stayed great.

Let’s see how much snow stacked up over the last week:

Chief Joseph Christmas Miracle 2015
~50″ at Grand Targhee’s Chief Joseph Gauge
Mid Mountain Christmas Miracle 2015
~49″ at JHMR’s Mid Mountain Gauge
Rendezvous Bowl Christmas Miracle 2015
~56″ at JHMR’s Rendezvous Bowl Gauge

Big storms bringing deep snow are historically typical in the mountains of Wydaho, but in recent years we  seem to get our Storm of the Season just prior to and over the Christmas holiday.  In fact, 7 of the last 9 years have brought above average snowfall to the Teton Range from December 20th through January 1st.  This year we are already above average with a week left to go, so 8 of the last 10 Christmas holidays have seen above average snowfall.

Could these “Christmas Miracle” snows be the product of cloud seeding and other weather modification technologies?  Yes.

In my opinion the weather globally is being geoengineered.  There is evidence that this is occurring visible in the skies globally almost everyday, and even The Smithsonian is finally taking notice:

Smithsonian Geoengineering

Of course, “geoengineering” merely means weather modification on a grand scale, and massive weather modification programs have been conducted overtly — and covertly — for at least the last 70 years.  With modern computing and science nothing as dramatic as drastically changing our planet’s skyscape happens by “accident”.

The Smithsonian article fails to explain why some planes leave lingering, spreading trails while others at the same altitude in the same airspace do not.  It also fails to address when trails start and stop abruptly as if a switch was flicked.  These are rather blatant proofs of intentional geoengineering.


Furthermore, the term “accidental geoengineering” is oxymoronic gobbledygook as contradictory as “accidental murder” or “premeditated manslaughter”.  Engines aren’t accidentally engineered.  Accidents destroy engines.  Engineers seek to minimize accidents and unpredictability while designing, operating, and maintaining engineered systems.

Earth’s climate is an engine of sorts: powered by the sun and the spin of the Earth, astounding masses of H20 are pumped up into the sky only to fall down again elsewhere.  Slight tweaks to temperature and other factors dictate who gets precip and who doesn’t.  These tweaks are well within the technological realm of modern man and have been for decades.

jackson hole mansion

Imagine, if you will, a world run by banksters who all own $5-$500 million dollar homes in billionaire playgrounds like Jackson Hole.

If you and your associates had more money than God, would you play god with the weather?  If you worshiped money, craved power, and could control the weather what would you do with that capability?

Drought or flood your political and economic enemies?  Yep.

Create conditions to further your corporate agenda?  Sure.

Make sure it snows for the annual ski vacay?  Why not!  All work and no play makes John a dull billionaire bankster boy…

I’m not a Luddite opposed to technological innovation.  I think technologies should be implemented wisely, overtly, and with oversight.  If these technologies were used for good we could have more powder days, less droughts, less floods, less “natural” disasters, more predictable weather, etc.

The mass of men remain in the dark about geoengineering, while the attention of educated environmentalists has been diverted to a bogus focus on Co2-driven climate change.  In reality, intentional geoengineering is the primary anthropomorphic cause of changes we see in weather and climate today.

Please tell your friends.  It is our responsibility to pass down a fully functioning planet to the future.  At the moment my Mother and Nieces are motivating me to strive for that.

What motivates you?  Happy Holidaze!  Take care.  One Love.  Peace.


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