Wydaho Snow: 12.18.15: Grey’s River: Lonestar Peak

At the moment I am just another gaper glued to a screen at the SLC Airport, but yesterday I got to go exploring deep up the Grey’s on a peak that is new to me. I saw evidence of recent natural avalanches so I stuck to lowerish angle terrain and searched for the safest way up what is indubitably a good skiing mountain. I didn’t find the safest way up so I turned around when slope angles started sketching me out.

As usual there isn’t much to report when the snow is good everywhere.  I storm skied the Pass with everyone and their brothers for a few days. Took a day off to beat the crud too.

Wydaho has gotten serious snow over the last week and the forecast looks great moving forward: 4-6″ forecast daily in the mountains for the next 5-7 days. Not surprisingly, a Christmas “miracle” has descended on Wydaho.

It’s still a little thin down low but much more stable than upper elevations. The Greys got rain up to almost 8000′ during the warm spell a while back which seems to have stabilized the sugar at lower elevations.

All the E facing chutes off the summit of Lonestar looked to have sluffed naturally with one ripping much larger than the others: it looked like it went to ground a few days ago and then refilled with a few feet of fresh. I think a lot of stuff will release naturally over the next few days as more loading stresses a rapidly growing snowpack and sugar and suncrusts.

I’m out of the region for the next 4 days enjoying an early Christmas with my family.  If you are planning a ski vacation over the holidays, conditions look to be perfect in Wydaho.


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