Wydaho Snow: 12.8.15: Teton Pass: Mt Glory

Targhee is supposedly wind hammered and zippery. TP S Side bowls were skiing good this morning and probably still are. JHMR probably served up the goods in select spots on the upper mountain.

Mt Glory felt very alpine today: high WSW winds, high humidity, low visibility, intermittent snowfall, misty.  Up high on Glory snow seemed like 4″ to 48″ slabs on surface hoar, suncrusts, sugar snow, and skierpack depending on location.  On Glory’s lower slopes snow was wetter, heavier, and seemed to be bonding better than higher up. Anything that caught wind was zippery or crusty but better than it was. Cream cheese in the trees.

 Temps were right around freezing midday at the top of Teton Pass and its depressingly balmy in the TOJ as we head into evening.

Low angle, leeward, protected slopes at mid to upper elevations seem like the best bet for good skiing right now. Steeper, windloaded terrain is suspect now due to heavy loading on weak, sugary shite.

Hopefully this wet storm eventually serves to stabilize our snowpack. I am going to tread very lightly while witnessing what looks to be a wet and wild week in Wydaho. Hopefully temps drop and wet, sticky snow replaces rain at lower elevations. 

I’ve been exploring the Greys 3 of the last 5 days. Not much to report there aside from similar conditions to what we see in the Tetons minus the stabilizing benefits of heavy skier traffic. Slush on sugar is what we’ve got.