Wydaho Snow: 12.3.15: Grey’s River, Lost Creek, Star Peaks

Today the Maestra and I headed back up the Grey’s and back up our existing skintrack on Morningstar Peak.  There are dozens of different lines worth skiing up there at the moment, so our explorations are limited to areas accessible without setting new skintracks up the steep peaks around here.

The skies were a deep dark blue when we awoke his morning, but by the time we got out the door the planes were leaving lingering, spreading trails.  Within a few hours the skies were atrociously artificial and filled with high cirrus hazes.  These hazes trap heat and screw up the snowpack.

I made a video about it.  Song is Sweet Thang by Shuggie Otis.

Tonight is Avalanche Awareness Night in the Hole.  I will be handing out stickers and chatting people up with my own breed of awareness.  See you there!  Take care.  One Love.  Peace.


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  1. Same going on in Syracuse N.Y.
    I really dont know about our goevrnment no telling us whats the reason for these massive sprayings all over the world.
    Or maybe they dont want us to know for some reason.

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