Max Mogren, Morningstar Peak, Grey's River, Wyoming

Wydaho Snow: 12.1.15: Grey’s River, Lost Creek, Star Peaks

Today the Maestra and I took advantage of our existing skin track to go higherer, deeperer, and furtherer up the ridge between Morningstar Peak and North Star Peak.  I don’t have time to write too much about it on account of being stinky and having to shower and get out the door in 15 minutes to make it to work on time.

Big temperature inversion today.  A few inches of fluff precipitated down low, up high there was no new snow.  The old skin track firmed up nicely and saved us about an hour on the ascent compared to last time.

As we cruised the ridge we stomped on some cornices and remotely triggered a few small 2-6″ deep soft slabs on SE aspects recently windloaded.  It looked like fresh snow had gotten deposited on top of surface hoar and was delicately balanced there.  Nothing ran more than a few feet.  See photo below…


Lower down the SE aspects we found some fun sugary snow that sluffed playfully.  By seeking out drifts we were able to ski on adequate snowpack top to bottom.  We cruised out Lost Creek, which was surprisingly fun and fast.  Coverage was great down there.  The next adventure seems to be going higherer, deeperer, and furtherer up Lost Creek. 🙂

The skies were a beautiful dark blue so I made a Skywatch Video and published it to FB.  Now I’m off to work.  Take care.  One Love.  Peace!

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  1. Hey Max , Love all the photos, Maestra looks like she was born to be yours ! Thanks for your cool verbiage and all the updates !


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