Wydaho Snow: 11.27.15: JHMR Opening Day and a Lesson on Inflation….

The last storm came and went with little to show: JHMR reported 2″ of fresh, Targhee reported nada.  It seems the most significant weather event was a strong wind from an atypical direction: out of the Northeast.

I chatted with some reputable although inebriated guys who hiked Glory on Thanksgiving morning to find Little Tucks and similar faces stripped out up top while suncrusted SSW aspects sported spooky windloading.

This made me happy that I opted to check out JHMR on opening day. Parking was free. People were stoked. Only AV was running and though lift lines were never an issue the slopes seemed crowded.

I skied with some old friends from boating in the Bahamas and we got to chat with a few friendly ski patrollers about the importance of respecting closed inbounds areas. I also managed to get myself back on the “bad boy list” on opening day. Ooooops.

Today the fine folks at JHMR are generously selling $6 lift tickets and rentals as a throwback in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the resort. Nowadays tickets normally cost $120, or 20x more than they did in 1965.  That says more about how worthless our currency has become than the business ethics of ski resorts.

Today I will be avoiding the crowds and the backcountry boneyards by skiing Grand Targhee. JHMR will be throwing quite the party sk thats the apres spot today for sure. Have fun!