Obama: Climate Change Causes Asthma, Nevermind Chemtrails Causing Both

WASHINGTON — Global warming isn’t just affecting the weather, it’s harming Americans’ health, President Barack Obama said Tuesday as he announced steps government and businesses will take to better understand and deal with the problem.

Obama said hazards of the changing climate include wildfires sending more pollution into the air, allergy seasons growing longer and rising cases of insect-borne diseases.

“We’ve got to do better in protecting our vulnerable families,” Obama said, adding that, ultimately, all families are affected.

“You can’t cordon yourself off from air,” Obama said. Speaking at Howard University Medical School, he announced commitments from Google, Microsoft and others to help the nation’s health system prepare for a warmer, more erratic climate….

…Microsoft’s research arm will develop a prototype for drones that can collect large quantities of mosquitoes, then digitally analyze their genes and pathogens. The goal is to create a system that could provide early warnings about infectious diseases that could break out if climate change worsens.

Google has promised to donate 10 million hours of advanced computing time on new tools, including risk maps and early warnings for things like wildfires and oil flares using the Google Earth Engine platform, the White House said. Google’s camera cars that gather photos for its “Street View” function will start measuring methane emissions and natural gas leaks in some cities this year…

…The Obama administration also announced a series of modest steps it will take to boost preparedness, such as expanding access to data to predict and minimize the health effects from climate change.

Obama’s effort to link climate change to health comes as he works to build support for steps he’s taken to curb U.S. emissions, including strict limits on vehicles and power plants. The president is relying on those emissions cuts to make up the U.S. contribution to a global climate treaty that he and other world leaders expect to finalize in December.

Of course carbon emissions are not the primary human cause of climate change, so basically Obama is saying…
Obama_climate_ change_asthma_news_CDC_sheepeaterThis image is from the new CDC Climate Report:

climate change designed to kill the poor

We all need to speak out and make this institutionalized insanity stop.  Obama is a public spokesperson for the military-industrial complex.  If you read between the lines and scientifically observe the skies, you already know that the shit they’re spraying in the sky is drastically changing the climate and affecting our planetary health.  It’s also making us sick and killing of the most vulnerable among us.

The only real question is this:  Are the casualties of aerial spray programs officially categorized as collateral damage or enemy combatants?  Is the spread of sickness and death intentional or not?

In my opinion artist David Dees was right on the money long ago…