Know Wydaho Snow: 12.7.14: Teton Pass: Mt Glory: Coal Creek, NE Ridge, 1st Turn

Today the white dog and I joined the crack of one club on Teton Pass. Our turd colored Frankentruck didn’t overheat ascending the pass for the first time in a long time: apparently removing the thermostat entirely was the right move, at least at the moment with atmospheric temps hovering between 30* and 40*F. We’ll see how she runs when real winter actually gets here.

Our laziness paid off and more folks were leaving the full lot than arriving when we got there: there was no line and we slid right into a spot a Subaru was vacating.

Glory was good sugary pow on most aspects though intermittent sun and warm temps nuked sun exposed aspects below mid-mountain. Wind had its way with some aspects, especially the ridges.

The ridge down to Coal Creek was variable. East side of Taylor looked sexy as hell with a few nice signatures and no noticeable slide activity.  Deep dark woods were sugary sweet but could use more coverage to bury the saplings and deadfall. Its not ready to ski with inexperienced friends yet, imho… especially with inexperienced romantic interests… recipe for disaster!

Getting out CC was easy. A little crusty in spots but mostly creamy supporting schmoosh… spring skiing, in December.  Redonkulus… personally, I blame weather warfare.

NE Ridge was heavenly where untracked. Not quite bottomless near the bottom, but good enough.

1st Turn roundabout sunset was a crapshoot of sorts. Shady and wind-protected aspects were hero snow. Sun and wind exposed aspects hosted zipper crusts and such. Where it  was good it was good to the road.

I wouldn’t have wanted to dabble on steep S aspects at lower elevations.

My knowledge is pretty minimal at the moment due to working too damn much. Days and  nights… ten shifts a week with three doubles and no days off. Its a shitty sitch despite great bosses and decent pay.

Last year after I called out TGR on their bullshit Todd Jones told this small corner of the world that I’ve got a trust fund like he does. That’s news to me.

If anyone knows of some massive bank account with my name on  it please let me know. You can have half.

I’m back to work tomorrow.  Get some for me. One love. Peace.

One thought on “Know Wydaho Snow: 12.7.14: Teton Pass: Mt Glory: Coal Creek, NE Ridge, 1st Turn”

  1. Hi Max and others. I always appreciate your reporting and your point(s) of view. I haven’t let up on the geo engineering problems since we met at your bonfire 1 year ago. Thank you for your hospitality. I sponsored my first public event at the Riverton Wy, public library on Dec. 1. 2014 We had 20 guests plus 3 crew present. I ran a public invitation in the Riverton Ranger newspaper and made up some fliers and talked to folks. Always, always talking, teaching showing learning and listening. We ran a slide show continuously displaying over 600 of my 4500 digital photos during the 2 hour presentation/discussion. People were genuinely interested and concerned and eager to talk. Some were knowledgeable. We got study materials and dvds out to every attendee. There is definitely an up tic in awareness, but the problem is huge so we all need to hammer it RIGHT NOW. Thanks again Max, for what you do and by all means keep it up. We plan to have public meetings here in Riverton on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Your friend, Chris Amend


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