JH Weekly Acknowledges Chemtrails, Opens Door For Real Climate Debate

“See no truth, hear no truth, speak no truth.” — ‘Merica

For the first time, the mainstream media of Jackson Hole has put the word “chemtrail” in print.

The previously unspeakable word got uttered by the JH Weekly (aka Planet Jackson Hole) in their May 28th “Them On Us” column acknowledging The Sheepeater‘s recent mild nudging of local mainstream media on the climate issue.

According to JH Weekly:

Chemtrail alarmist Max Mogren… who rails on the conspiracy theory that some commercial airliners are deliberately “spraying” chemicals in their jet wash… contends a concerted effort is being made to manipulate the climate via chemtrails, cloud seeding and other methods.

This is a surprisingly accurate desciption of my stance on the issue, although the Weekly’s use of both “chemtrails” and “cloud seeding” is redundant.  Humans have been using airplanes to emit chemical trails (aka chemtrails) for cloud seeding purposes since at least 1946: “cloud seeding” is “chemtrailing” with intent to influence atmospheric water’s behavior.  Examples abound.  Here is one.

Malaysian Air Force personnel cloud seeding with chemical trails (chemtrails) in an effort to combat forest fires in 2005.  IMAGE SOURCE
Malaysian Air Force personnel cloud seeding with chemical trails (chemtrails) in an effort to combat forest fires in Sumatra in 2005. IMAGE SOURCE: The Malaysian Star

The Weekly made no attempt to refute my basic argument because the fact that humans are intentionally manipulating the climate with planes and chemicals is irrefutable: even the State of Wyoming has been intentionally manipulating the climate regionally since 2005.

Some readers are probably experiencing a bit of cognitive dissonance at this moment over the distinction between “climate modification” and “weather modification”.  Like “cloud seeding” and “chemtrailing”, “weather” and “climate” are also synonyms.  At least that’s what Google tells us:

Google definition of climate

Any weather modification program conducted “over a long period” is a climate modification program.  Weather is climate.  Got it?  Good.

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), 42 countries including Russia, China, France, Germany, Australia, and Israel openly admit to engaging in ongoing weather/climate modification programs.  The United States is notably absent from the WMO’s list, but there are dozens of ongoing weather modification programs being conducted in North America by states, utility companies, farmers, and even ski areas.

It is hard to believe that the US Federal Government is not engaged in any climate modification programs given its role as an aggressive global military, economic, and technological leader often caught lying to its own citizens about important issues like domestic surveillance.  The US Military was already using the weather as a weapon 50 years ago, so what could possibly prevent the military industrial complex from doing so now?  I guess the truth could, but that is in short supply.


JH Weekly was kind enough to refer their readers to this website for more information.  That said, the Weekly’s use of words like “chemtrail alarmist” and “conspiracy theorist” to describe a concerned citizen stepping outside the controlled debate on climate change is nothing more than a typical mainstream tactic used to mock independent journalists back into silent submission.

Philosophers label this an ad hominem attack.  Kids say it’s name calling.  I see it as talking shit.  Obama calls it bullying.

In an era when bullying of all sorts is publicly decried by the endless-war-waging establishment it is ironic that corporate media regularly bully independent thinkers.  The modern poppy pro-establishment “progressive” news narrative goes something like this:

You’re gay?  Awesome.

You’re a minority?  Even better.

You’re morbidly obese?  Aren’t we all?!

You pop pills for fun?  Just stay away from weed.

You worship Satan?  We worship money, but Satan is synonymous.


The absurdity and hypocrisy are astounding.  One has to laugh.

Fortunately, a growing number of concerned and vocal people are rapidly mastering the art of caring a lot while not giving a f*ck. 🙂


Despite the name-calling, I am grateful that the JH Weekly gave my opinion on climate change any coverage at all.  Unfortunately, their few paragraphs of coverage of the climate geoengineering and chemtrail issue lacks any real substance.  The community has not been informed of the reasons this opinion is not so far-fetched.

I would be happy to write the JH Weekly an exclusive feature on this topic based on “reputable” sources alone.  I am standing by: sheepeater@tukadika.com .

Do you think they’ll print it?  I do.

I think it’s high time for a true debate here in Jackson Hole on climate change, weather modification, geoengineering, cloud seeding, chemical trails, global dimming,  and associated issues.  If we took an actual look at this actual issue we might actually *solve* the climate problem without jeopardizing Wyoming’s mineral wealth.  Public dialogue on climate modification could also lead to more transparent and mutually beneficial uses of these technologies.

The following video is designed to inform our community.  Enjoy.

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