Teton Snow Report: 4.16.14: Sledding Glory?!

Maestra SprintingApril 16th, 2014:  Mount Glory: Glory Bowl, First Turn: White dog was threatening to ravage the trash so we had to put in a little vert today.  Mostly sunny skies with beautiful natural cumulus clouds made for an inspiring day.  I thought Maestra and I were getting after it… until we met a group of brave dudes who were sledding from the summit of Glory today.


They looked pretty good from the summit down to the SE Ridge bench.  I’m sure things got interesting in Twin Slides, but Maestra and I opted for 1st Turn.  We hit Glory Bowl too.  Both were good and corny aside from refrozen deep tracks and assorted debris.  Some of the fresh snow was a little sticky in spots but for the most part it was fast, supporting, and creamy.

Maestra is stoked out, so hopefully I can go ski a few days in GTNP without her.  Team Red Flag is definitely motivated, but I’m hoping for super stable and safe conditions before straddling the biggest titties.  šŸ™‚