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Save Our Snow From Protect Our Winters

In my opinion there are two types of environmentalists: the ones that do it as a job (for money) and the ones that do it as a passion (out of love and concern).  While many of the environmentalists who do it for money are also passionate about environmental issues, their efforts are limited by the scope and agenda of the people they are working for.  As we all know, sharing controversial opinions at work is a good way to get fired.  Payed environmentalists must stay within the boundaries set by their bosses or suffer the consequences.

In my opinion, Protect Our Winters (POW) is a great example of a controlled opposition environmental organization that does more harm than good.  POW claims to be concerned about climate change but they only address one of the many factors contributing to our changing climate: CO2.  POW only recommends one solution as well: carbon taxes funding bigger government.

POW, like other well-funded and well-publicized “environmental organizations”, never addresses the fundamental flaws in our financial and monetary system which guarantee ever increasing CO2 emissions.  POW never addresses suppressed energy technologies, geoengineering technologies, the history of weather warfare, or the multitude of factors contributing to our changing climate either.  What’s up with that?

We never get the whole truth from mainstream environmental organizations because they are controlled dissent.  Want to know more? Watch the video above.  If you find it interesting, please check out the videos below.  Thanks!

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