2013 Boulder, Colorado Flood: Weather Warfare?

Over the last century, hundreds of billions of dollars — that we know about — have been spent on weather forecasting and modification programs.  Hurricane modification experimentation began in the 1940s, cloud seeding was used as a weapon by the US Military for 8 years during the Vietnam War, and weather weapon technologies had become such a threat by the late 1970’s that the UN officially banned them under the ENMOD Treaty signed in Geneva on May 18th, 1977.
With the rapid technological advancement since the 1970s why are we now experiencing unprecedented levels of “natural” disasters like the floods that just wiped out the Front Range of Colorado?  If weather forecasting and modification technologies could predict and prevent horrible flooding like this, why don’t we do just that?  Is “climate change” the only reason why 2011 was the most expensive year for disasters in human history?If climate models have progressed alongside computing power — as the climatologists would have us believe — why doesn’t the National Weather Service or NOAA accurately forecast events like the Colorado floods well in advance and use proven technologies to prevent or at least diminish the impact of severe weather events?If the weather has been used as a weapon in the past, what is to stop the (corrupt) government from using it as a weapon now?  The ENMOD Treaty does not forbit using the weather as a weapon within the borders of ones own country and the US doesn’t really follow the UN Treaties on torture or chemical weapons anyway.

Frankly, on the 12 year anniversary of the most heinous false flag terror attack in the history of human civilization, I wouldn’t put anything past the shadow government and the professional liar politicians who pretend to have the best interests of the people in mind while consistently pushing for agendas that fly in the face of common sense and our common cause.  One Love.  Peace.
What do you think?  — Max Mogren, September 13th, 2013